Putignano Carnival in Dusseldorf

The Foundation Putignano Carnival , as part of the promotion for the 2012/2013 , was present on 24 and November 25 in the German region included among the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf and the Dutch border with the aim of promoting the land and food production … Itria Valley and the Murgia barese.dusseldorf

This initiative took place in the airport in Dusseldorf- Weeze , as representative one of the major airports , with a dailydusseldorf transit of about 5 million passengers.

The event , which was held in HALL main airport, attended the event the companies in the fields of wine, oil, bakery products ( Farinella Bakery Biscuit ) , dairy products and tourism and is also distributed promotional material for the Carnival and Puglia .

It is also defining with the Chambers of Commerce of the region concerned , a calendar of meetings ” BtoB ” among the companies participating in Puglia and importers or distributors in Germany .

The Foundation Putignano Carnival as well as logistics management provide staging areas and the animation of the same groups of carnival tradition and the music of Puglia.

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