Certification HACCP

Certification Haccp

Regulation CE 852/2004 – REG. CE 178/2002 n D.LGS 109/1992 e s.m.e.i.certificazione haccp

We hereby declare that the products of our company are subject to a continuous and constant potential biological and microbiological contamination within the system of self-control and good hygiene practice HACCP .

Therefore, our company is in possession of the manual of self-control under the conditions of the production process dictated by law within the meaning of Reg. 852/ 04 and Regulation 178/ 02.

Furthermore , we declare that our products are:

– Labeled and then marketed in compliance with Legislative Decree 109/92 with adjustment during the next integration envisaged by Reg.1169/2011

– GMO free in ref . to Reg.CE n.1829 and 1830 and subsequent updates 22/09/2007

– Packaged using suitable packaging for the product contact and plotted in adaptation to EC Regulation 1935/2004

– Tracks and you can find them with a plan implemented within the company in accordance with EC Regulation 178/2002.





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